samedi 19 novembre 2016

Kate Bush : Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, cold mountain water
Don't ever swim there
Just stand on the edge and look in there

And you might see a woman down there
They say some days, up she comes
Up she rises as if out of nowhere

Wearing Victorian dress
She was calling her pet
"Snowflake, Snowflake"

Tumbling like a cloud
That has drowned in the lake
Just like a poor, porcelain doll

Her eyes are open
But no-one's home

The clock has stopped
So long she's gone
No-one's home

Her old dog is sleeping
His legs are frail now
But when he dreams he runs

Along long beaches and sticky fields
Through the spooky wood looking for her

The beds are made, the table is laid
The door is open, someone is calling
It's a woman

Here, boy, here, boy, you've come home
I've got an old bone and a biscuit
And so much love

Miss me? Did you miss me?
Here's the kitchen, there's your basket
Here's the hall, that's where you wait for me

And here's the bedroom, you're not allowed in there
Here's my lap and that's where you rest your head
Here, boy, oh, you're a good boy

You've come home