vendredi 15 décembre 2017

Spike Jones : Casse-Noisette et autres fantaisies

Un véritable bijou d'humour, extrait de la "Nutcracker Suite", d'après Tchaikovsky, avec le texte anglais en prime!

Intro to Chinese Dance

Now the LITTLE GIRL had two Chinese dolls that had come along with them too,
And one had the name of, "MO-DON-FUN," and the other was called, "AH-CHOO"
They rubbed each other's noses, (that's the way the chinky Chinaman kiss,)
Then they started in, to do a dance, that sounded something like this....

The Chinese Dance
(Dolls in dance routine.)


VOICE: "Chang-fong-chee-hop-so-wing-so-lee.....

Go light yo' fiah-clacker, bang-up Chlissmus..."

(Dance continues, faster and faster to finish.)

Dance of the Flutes

D'ja ever see a tin flute dancing? (Hm?)
D'ja ever know a piccolo could dance a jig?
Here's the tune they dance to when they get a chance to,
It's a kind of a rinky-dinky, ending with a whirli-gig...

(flute dances)

When, they play the music hot, they dance a hot gavotte...
As like as not......

When a penny flute goes dancing, he'll never ask a lady piccolo of course,
He never goes for small things, what he likes, of all things, is...a HORSE!

(Flute & HORSE ballet)

Don't you think they're both entrancing,
What could be as graceful as a hunk O' TIN,
'Specially in the chorus, dancing with a H-O-R-U-S
That's a pretty picture or my name is Gunga Din!

(Ballet continues)

Let us leave them gently.......
Maybe instrument'ly.......


Voici à présent une version très spéciale du "Vol du Bourdon" par Spike Jones, particulièrement recommandée à ceux qui justement l'ont, le bourdon...

Et quelques morceaux en vrac, en guise de bonus...

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Séverin a dit…

L'art jubilatoire - et très difficile - de la dérision musicale! A prescrire pour une cure contre la morosité : efficacité assurée et aucun effet secondaire. Merci pour ce moment de pure bonne humeur, pour commencer la journée c'est idéal!